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Car insurance:
The acquisition of a vehicle has become a necessity for modern times and a sign of development and growth. With the increase in the number of vehicles, it has also unfortunately been accompanied by a significant increase in the number of incidents for multiple reasons. 
1. Civil liability: This programme is intended to cover civil liability arising from the causing of material and physical damage to others from vehicle accidents. 
2. Orange Card: The purpose of this programme is to cover the third party for damages in accordance with the law of the country in whose territory the incident occurs. 
3. Securing the total loss of the vehicle's body: This program is intended to compensate you for the total actual or estimated loss that is incurred by your vehicle as a result of its total loss or total damage. 
4. Partial vehicle insurance: The purpose of this programme is to cover the vehicle insured against damage or loss of the body of the total vehicle. 
5. Complete vehicle insurance: This program is intended to compensate you for loss, damage and total or partial destruction that may befall your insured vehicle. 
6. Personal accidents of the occupants of the vehicle: indemnification of the driver or passenger while inside the vehicle insured for material damage that can occur as a result of a traffic accident. Road Rescue Service 24 throughout the year 


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