Temporary individual insurance.2018

Temporary individual insuranc

Life insurance:
Contracts Temporary Protection:
1. Temporary individual insurance: (loading insurance application)
If the Insured dies due to illness or accident and the contract is still valid, the Company shall pay the Beneficiary or the Beneficiary Beneficiaries the basic Takaful benefit within thirty days of receipt and acceptance of the entire Claim Documents required. In case of injury to the Insured provided for in any additional Contracts Attached to the insurance contract mentioned in the special conditions of the contract.
2. Temporary insurance increased value.
In this type of insurance contract, the benefit value will increase at a constant annual rate.
3. Temporary insurance for bank debtors.
This type of insurance is considered as an insurance that offers useful solutions to more than one destination: The deceased heirs of the deceased insured release the remainder of the loan granted to their heirs even if they are able to fulfill their obligations financially. More importantly, Insurance will protect the heirs from the loss of what has been achieved from the product of the loan (commercial enterprise, industrial, home, car, etc.). The lender shall release the lender from the encumbrances of attempting to reserve the property of the deceased insured, including the risk of loss of rights or at least obtaining rights after a long waiting period.
4. Family pension insurance:
The Company undertakes from the beginning of the month following the death of the Insured or six months from the date of his permanent permanent disability if such additional guarantee is originally guaranteed to pay the beneficiary's pension or the beneficiary of the insurance contract (insured in case of total permanent disability) Is equal to 10 years, 15 years or 20 years.
5 - Insurance education and establishment:
This contract provides the right to university education for the beneficiary of the insurance immediately after the age of 18 years provided that the insured dies or is in permanent disability during the period of validity of the insurance contract, as follows: Payment of university education expenses to the beneficiary specified in the contract according to the number of years of education, At the age of eighteen years, the amount of the expenses of establishment of the profession that the Beneficiary wishes and which is originally composed of the balance of the benefit of the Takaful benefit shall be paid.
6. Small life insurance: (insurance claim loading)
This program is designed to be accessible to the broad segments of the society, regardless of their limited financial potential. Where the buyer chooses between the options:
- The amount of the symbiotic benefit is 300,000 with a contribution of 450.
- The amount of the mutual benefit 600,000 where he pays 900.
7. Small life insurance against the dangers of war and the riot: (loading insurance application)
This program is designed to be accessible to the broad segments of the society, regardless of their limited financial potential. The amount of Takaful benefit 300,000
 The annual subscription rate is 0240 as a flat rate for all participants in this program. The accepted age for this type of insurance starts 30 years and ends with the insured reaching the age of 55 years inclusive.
- Collective insurance contracts:
Group insurance.
Group insurance for bank debtors.
- Life insurance for pilgrims and pilgrims.

Price table for small life insurance, war and riot

Saving contracts:
1. Education contract and post-education expenses:
Contributions to this contract consist of two parts:
- Takaful subscription covering basic insurance risks
- Saving amounts paid for investment purposes
2. Diamond contract (pension insurance). Upon the death of the insured:
Payment of the amount of the basic Takaful benefit to the beneficiaries designated in the contract.
When the Insured survives until the end of the insurance period, the Insured has the right to collect all his savings and to choose one of the following options:
- Receipt of a monthly pension for a fixed period of ten, fifteen or twenty years.
- Receiving a lifetime pension.
- Receipt of a pension throughout his life and the life of his wife after him.


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